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About Maria

Maria is a Registered Dietitian (RD) in private practice with a passion for nutrition and healthy living. Maria believes that for those who want to lose weight, it starts with small changes. Maria sees the struggle people endure when their need to try the next new diet in order for them to lose weight, robs them of the many joys in life and in return only to gain the weight back. This weight cycling can be frustrating and really doesn't teach the individual how to make healthy eating a lifestyle. This is why educating the client is so important to Maria and she makes sure that losing weight doesn't feel like an unobtainable goal, but a goal that can definitely be reached with the power of knowledge when it comes to food.

Maria works with many athletic individuals as specializing in sports nutrition is another passion, but she also works extensively with clients who struggle with eating disorders and negative body image. Her research is in High School Males and Disordered Eating and Negative Body Image and was presented at the Academy of Eating Disorders conference in 2004, in Orlando, FL. Maria helps her clients who struggle, by helping them establish a healthy relationship with food and educating them on the consequences of eating disorders. For many, they are unaware of the damage they have inflicted on their body and they know no other way to handle their relationship with food, but with their disorder. With care, compassion, and support, Maria has found much success with many of her clients’ recovery.

Maria has also worked as a Corporate Wellness Coordinator for Boeing and Rocketdyne for 11 years where she provided a wellness program consisting of lectures on various health topics, health screenings, walking clubs, and nutrition counseling to 2300 employees.

Outside of sports nutrition and eating disorders, many people are just looking to lose some unwanted weight and Maria has helped many in their weight loss endeavors. She believes in educating her clients about food and nutrition so that they can make the best choices in obtaining their goals. She does not believe in magic pills and quick fixes, but rather in helping people make healthy eating a lifestyle change so that changes are permanent. An active person herself, she feels physical activity is an integral part in living a healthy lifestyle and maintaining weight loss and introduces it slowly to inactive individuals. Maria has a passion to help others and works individually to create the most appropriate nutrition plan per each client she meets with.


128 Auburn Ct., Suite 207

Westlake Village, CA 91362

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